PROFI-2541 PROFIBUS/Fiber Converter

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Introduction Fiber optic transmission medium is a good material to protect data transmission from EMI/RFI interference and has been used in harsh environment extensively. On the other hand, PROFIBUS is famous in industrial application. In order to solve the problem between different transmission medium, PROFI-2541 is specially designed for converting PROFIBUS signal to fiber optic cables. The fiber length between two PROFI-2541s can be up to 1.4km (4593ft). PROFI-2541 is the economic solution for applications which require protecting the data transmission from electrical exposure, surges, lightning or chemical corrosion.
Applications - Industrial Automation
- Factory Automation
- Process Automation
- Etc…
Features - Support for PROFIBUS DP protocol
- Detect transmission rate automatically(Max. 3Mbps)
- Transparency on both side
- Up to 32 stations per segment on PROFIBUS side
- Fiber Wave Length: 850 nm
- Network Isolation Protection
- 3000VDC isolation protection on PROFIBUS side
- 4KV ESD Protection (contact for any terminal)
Ordering Information - PROFI-2541 CR PROFIBUS DP to Fiber Optic Converter - ST-Type (RoHS)
- PROFI-2541-SC CR PROFIBUS DP to Fiber Optic Converter - ST-Type (RoHS)
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