8-channel Isolated Digital Input Module with 16-b

8-channel Isolated Digital Input Module with 16-b

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  • ISM 2.4 GHz Operating Frequency
  • Fully Compliant with 2.4G IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Specifications
  • Wireless Transmission Range up to 700 m (PA-Version)
  • Wireless Transmission Range up to 100 m (T-Version)
  • GUI Configuration Software (Windows Version)
  • 14 Dry or Wet Contact Digital Input Channels
  • Supports 16-bit Counters for Digital Input Channels
  • Surge and ESD Protection
  • DIN-Rail Mountable

The ZB-2053-T/ZB-2053-PA offers 14 digital input channels which can be used for either dry or wet contact. Its effective distance for dry contact is up to 500 meters. All channels are able to be used as 16-bit counters. The ZB-2053-T/ZB-2053-PA includes 14 LED indicators to display the channel status as well as 4 kV ESD protection and 3750 Vrms intra-module isolation. Users can easily to configure the module address, protocol, checksum, ZB-PID and ZB-channel settings using a combination of rotary and DIP switches.
Building Automation, Factory Automation, Machine Automation, Remote Maintenance, Remote Diagnosis, Testing Equipment.

Models ZB-2053-T ZB-2053-PA
Digital Input
Input Channels 14
Dry Contact (Sink) On Voltage Level: Close to GND
Off Voltage Level: Open
Effective Distance for Dry Contact: 500 m Max.
Wet Contact (Sink/Source) On Voltage Level: +3.5 VDC ~ +30 VDC
Off Voltage Level: +1 VDC Max.
Input Impedance 3 kΩ, 0.33 W
Counter Channels: 14
Max. Count: 16-bit (65535)
Max. Input Frequency: 100 Hz
Min. Pulse Width: 5 ms
Intra-module Isolation, Field to Logic 3750 VDC
ESD Protection +/-4 kV contact for each channel

Models ZB-2053-T ZB-2053-PA
Communication Interface
Wireless Standards ZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4
Transmission Power 4 dBm 22 dBm
2.4 GHz Antenna 3 dBi Omni directional 5 dBi Omni directional
Transmission Range (LoS) 100 m 700 m (Typical)
1 km (Max.)
Certification CE/FCC, FCC ID -
Max. Slaves in a ZigBee Network 254
ZB-100R/ZB-100T Support Yes
Protocols Supports DCON and Modbus RTU Protocols
Hot Swap Rotary and DIP switch
LED Indicators
Power 1 LED, red
ZigBee Communication 1 LED, green
Digital Input 14 LEDs, green
Power Consumption 0.84 W Max.
Flammability Fire Retardant Materials (UL94-V0 Level)
Dimensions (W x L x H) 33 mm x 87 mm x 107 mm
Installation DIN-Rail
Operating Temperature -25 °C ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature -30 °C ~ +80 °C
Relative Humidity 10 ~ 90% RH, Non-condensing

ZB-2053-T CR Wireless 14-channel Isolated Digital Input Module (RoHS)
ZB-2053-PA CR Wireless 14-channel Isolated Digital Input Module (RoHS) (Long Range)

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