JetI/O 6511   Intelligent 8-CH Thermocouple Input Ethernet I/O Server

Jetl/O 6511
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  • Ethernet Block I/O with 8 Channel Thermocouple Input, low voltage and wide range current Analog Input
  • 16 bits resolution and high accuracy
  • Accurate measurements with cold junction compensation
  • High/Low Temperature/Current/voltage active alarm
  • Intelligent Condition&Go (IF-Then) logic rules
  • Flexible peer-to-peer I/O through one-to-one, one-to-many,
    many-to-one, and many-to-many communication
  • Unicast for network efficiency and true remote I/O
  • Free OPC server and Modbus/TCP support
  • Built-in watchdog timer and real-time clock
  • SNMP / Web for easy configuration and management
  • IP31 grade case protection
  • -25~70oC operating temperature for hazardous
    environmental application

JetI/O 6511 is an intelligent I/O server equipped with 8 Thermocouple Input channels, low voltage and wide range current Analog Input. JetI/O 6511 provides 16 bits resolution and high accuracy for temperature measurement. To make accurate measurements, the temperature can be compensated by cold junction compensation (CJC).

JetI/O 6511 provides Windows Utilities, SNMP and Web configuration, industrial Modbus/TCP protocol and OPC Server driver for integrating JetI/O with existing HMI/SCADA. It also features robust aluminum case with good heat dispersing and IP31 protection. With JetI/O, users can easily perform status monitoring and control remote I/O devices.

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