Korenix JetNet 2005f-mw

JetNet 2005f-mw Industrial 5-port compact fast ethernet fiber switch

JetNet 2005f-mw
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JetNet 2005f-mw Industrial 5-port compact fast ethernet fiber switch

  • 4 10/100 Base TX ports plus 1 Fast Ethernet Fiber ports
  • Supports Multi-mode 2KM, Single-mode 30KM
  • Slim-sized for Industrial Din-rail Application
  • 18~32VDC Power Input
  • Relay Output for Port Alarm
  • Supports AC 1.5KV Hi-pot isolation protection
  • IP31 rugged aluminum case
  • Operating temperature -10~60°C (-40~75°C wide temperature mode)


Korenix JetNet 2005f is an Industrial with 4 ports 10/100Base-TX and one 100Base-FX Fast Ethernet switch. With the fiber uplink function, it enlarges the transmission distance to 2KM by multi-mode fiber (JetNet 2005f-m) or 30KM by single-mode fiber (JetNet 2005f-s). The JetNet 2005f adopts slim and rigid aluminum case to save rail space and provides good heat radiation ability for compact system requirement. In order to be operated in harsh environment, JetNet 2005f is equipped with IP31 grade case design to meet the requirements of drop-water and dust proof. The JetNet 2005f also provides one relay output for port error events, which is enabled/ disabled by the DIP switch. Moreover, JetNet 2005f has good immunity against unstable power source and can accept DC 18~32V power input by terminal block.

Plug-and-Play Switch & High-Speed Transmission
JetNet 2005f series requires no user setup and immediately starts operating as soon as you power it up. Excellent data transmission performance is provided for you. No traffic will be delayed with the transmission rate up to 3.2Gbps.

Compact Size & Fault Relay Output
The slim-sized design makes it an ideal model that would physically fit in a network environment with limited space. One relay output is an important feature to let you know when there is any event of port link down. Just move up the DIP switch, the fault relay alarm will be functioning!

Fiber Optic Port Options for Long Distance Requirement 
To avoid interference as well as to extend your network coverage, in addition to 4 Fast Ethernet copper ports, JetNet 2005f is equipped with one 100Mbps fiber uplink port. The fiber ports supports multi-mode fiber for 2KM or single-mode for 30KM distances, in order to achieve stable far-end transmission.

Easy Installation & Brilliant Idea for Hazardous Environment Application
JetNet 2005f series can be easily wall mounted and mounted directly on DIN rail. The IP31 rigid aluminum flat casing and wide operating temperature range ensure reliable operation in harsh environments. Extended operating temperature range is available for project-based request.




IEEE802.3 10Base-T

IEEE802.3u 100Base-

TX IEEE802.3u 100Base-FX

IEEE802.3x flow control

Switch Technology: Store and forward technology and with 3.2Gbps switch fabric

Aggregate System Throughput: 1.49Mpps



Number of Ports: 4 x 10/100 Base-TX with Auto MDI/ MDI-X function, Auto-Negotiation

1 x 100Base-FX supports multi-mode or single mode fiber


10/100 Base-TX: RJ-45

100Base-FX: Duplex SC

Power/Relay: 4-pin terminal block


RJ-45 connector: supports Cat.3, Cat.4, Cat.5 unshielded twisted pair or shielded twisted pair cable.

The link distance is maximum 100 meters.

Fiber: SC, multi-mode or single-mode

Multi-mpde fiber:

50/125um or 62.5/125um, max. distance 2KM Single-mode fiber: 8/125um, 9/125um or 10/125um, max. distance 30KM

Fiber Transceiver: JetNet 2005f-m, multi-mode fiber

Link Distance: 2KM (Max.)

Wave-length: 1310nm

Min Tx Power:-20dBm

Max Tx Power:-14dBm

Min Rx Sensitivity:0dBm

Max Rx Sensitivity:-31dBm 

Link budget:11dBm

JetNet 2005f-s, single-mode fiber

Link Distance: 30KM (Max.)


Min Tx Power:-15dBm

Max Tx Power:-8dBm

Min Rx Sensitivity:0dBm

Max Rx Sensitivity:-34dBm

Link budget:19dBm 

Port Alarm DIP Switch:

DIP 1~5: Port Event Alarm Control

On: Enable port link down alarm.

Off: Disable port link down alarm.

Diagnostic LED:

System: Power (green), Fault (red on)

RJ45 port: 100Mbps Link (green on)/Activity (green flashing)

10Mbps Link (yellow on)/Activity (yellow flashing)


Power Requirements

System Power: DC 18~32V with reverse polarity protection

Power Consumption: 4 Watts @ DC 24V



Installation: DIN-Rail mount

Case: Aluminum case with IP31 protection


111.8mm(H) x 30mm (W) x 98.2mm (D) ( with DIN rail clip)

111.8mm(H) x 30mm (W) x 89mm (D) ( without DIN rail clip)


377g with package

295g without package



Operating Temperature:

-10 ~60O C (JetNet 2005f),

-40~75O C (JetNet 2005f-w)

Operating Humidity: 0% ~ 95%, (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature: -40 ~ 85 O C

Hi-Pot: 1.5KV for all ports and power


Regulatory Approvals

EMI: FCC Class A, CE/EN55022.

EMS: IEC 61000-4-2, IEC 61000-4-3, IEC 61000-4-4, IEC 61000-4-5, IEC 61000-4-6, IEC 61000-4-8

Safety: UL 508

Shock: IEC60068-2-27

Vibration: IEC60068-2-6

Free Fall: IEC60068-2-32

MTBF: 713,506 Hours, MIL-HDBK-217F GB standard

Warranty: 5 years

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