Industrial 6-Port Unmanaged M12/IP68 Ethernet Switch

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  • M12 Connector for anti-vibration and shock
  • Six 10/100 TX auto-negotiation ports with robust M12 connectors
  • Redundant Power Inputs DC 24V (12~48) by M12 connector
  • 3.2 Gbps switch fabric with excellent data exchange performance
  • Broadcast storm control
  • IEEE802.1p for Class of Service (CoS)
  • -25~70oC operating temperature for hazardous environment application
  • DNV Approval applying
  • Railway EN50155/CE/FCC RoHS compliance

The JetNet 2006-M12 10/100 Base-T Ethernet switch is specifically designed for environments with severe vibrations and shocks. It has a metal casing and equipped with six M12 D-coding connectors that provide reliable connection despite vibrations and shocks.The JetNet 2006-M12 is ready-to-use and it features IEEE 802.1p Class of Service, the broadcast storm control for better transmission performance. It can be installed easily using either DIN-rail mount or wall-mount.The JetNet 2006-M12 is a rugged, easy-to-use, and cost effective solution, and it is the best choice for use on boats, trains, moving vehicles, or heavy machinery.

Rugged Connection for Anti-Vibration, Shock

Commercial RJ45 connectors are not designed to withstand harsh environments and they usually experience link failures and data loss under constant vibrations and shocks. The JetNet 2006-M12 uses M12 connectors instead of commercial RJ45 connectors for greater protection. Therefore, it is robust, and it guarantees reliable connections even in harsh conditions.

Plug-and-Play & High Speed Transmission
JetNet 2006-M12 requires no user configuration and immediately starts operating once it is powered on. The CoS, broadcast storm control, the 3.2Gbps wire-speed, and non-blocking switching fabric provide excellent data transmission performance.


JetNet 2006-M12 Appearance

Dimensions (Unit -mm)

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