Industrial 6-Port Managed RJ45/IP67 Ethernet Switch

Industrial 6-Port Managed RJ45/IP67 Ethernet Switch

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  • Environmentally sealed by IP67 grade protection and ultra rugged enclosure for toughest industrial usages
  • Six 10/100 TX auto-negotiation ports with IP67 grade RJ45 connectors
  • Rugged power interface by robust M12 connector
  • Patented Rapid Super Ring technology (RSR) with failover time less than 5ms and seamless restoration (restoration time is zero)
  • Port-based VLAN, IGMP snooping v1/v2/v3, QoS, and DHCP with option 82
  • Security by authorized IP address, SSL and SSH
  • Managed by “Cisco-Like” CLI, JetView, Web, SNMP v1/v2c/v3 and RMON
  • Event notification by SNMP Trap, Syslog, Fault relay, E-mail
  • Built-in hardware watchdog timer for system auto-reset

The JetNet 4506-RJ 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet switch, is specifically designed for the toughest industrial environments. In combination with its IP67 design and the superb management functionality, the JetNet 4506-RJ extends your managing boundaries where no other industrial Ethernet switch can go!
JetNet 4506-RJ is constructed of a rugged weather tight aluminum case and designed with six IP67 rated RJ45 Ethernet ports, which provide a waterproof, and dust-tight connection.

For maximum performance, each switch includes the next generation of redundancy protocol, Rapid Super Ring. This feature allows for the configuration of any two ports for extra protection against link failure and
data loss due to constant vibration and heavy shock. The JetNet 4506-RJ also includes other management features, such as port-based VLAN, QoS, IGMP snooping, SNMP and DHCP, for traffic isolation, deterministic transmission and network management.

The JetNet 4506-RJ can be easily adopted in almost all kinds of applications and provides the most rugged solutions for managing your network in outdoor, offshore, railway, moving vehicles, coal mines, petrochemical factories, food/beverage industries and plant floors.

Ultra Rugged, Ultra Longlife Enclosure
JetNet 4506-RJ is designed ultra rugged for the toughest industrial usage. The enclosure is made of strong, corrosion resistant, and noncombustible aluminum case. Each enclosure is designed with a thick 50mm top face plate, which makes JetNet 4506-RJ able to survive from constant shock and heavy impact. The aluminum case protects JetNet 4506-RJ against corrosion in environments such as, offshore, coal mines, and petrochemical factories. The noncombustible property of the case also ensures that the JetNet 4506-RJ will not emit toxic fumes when exposed to extreme high temperatures. This is the most suitable device for applications where hygiene requirements are a real concern, such as food processing, beverage bottling or pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Rugged RJ45 Robust Connection with IP67 Protection
Commercial RJ45 connectors are not designed for harsh environment and usually experienced to link failure and data loss under heavy industrial usages. JetNet 4506-RJ replaces the commercial RJ45 connectors with rugged IP67 grade RJ45 connectors for greater protection against water and dust to eliminate link lost or data failure from constant wash down, vibration and shock. The connector can be assembled with a STP (Shield Twisted Pair) cable to protect data transmission from EMI disturbances. With this robust enhancement, the JetNet 4506-RJ guarantees a reliable connection and data integrity for harsh environment usages.

Superb Management Features & Versatile Management Interfaces
JetNet 4506-RJ provides many management features, such as, port-based VLAN for network isolation, IGMP Query and snooping to prevent multicast traffic from flooding the network, QoS that guarantees timing critical packets are sent at the highest priority, DHCP which manages IP addresses automatically to reduce the maintenance effort and cost, as well as Korenix’s patented Rapid Super Ring technology to assure a constant link and eliminate data loss.

Along with the superb management features, JetNet 4506-RJ provides versatile and user-friendly
management interfaces including, Web browser, SNMP, and “Cisco-Like” CLI and a discovery utility called, JetView. This utility helps discover switches, assign IP addresses, upgrade firmware, backup and restore settings in a batch manner.

Also, real-time status can be monitored by RMON. Failure and warning events can be reported by fault relay, SNMP trap, email, system log.
To prevent from hostile attacks, JetNet 4506-RJ uses IP security to restrict the access right to authorized IP addresses and provides encrypted communication by means of SSH/SSL.

DHCP Option 82
For management and maintenance, industrial Ethernet devices do not use dynamic address pools as common DHCP do, instead require specific IP addresses which map to unique MAC addresses. The DHCP Option 82 guarantees that any end node receives the same IP address every time it boots.
JetNet 4506-RJ acts as a DHCP relay agent, which adds the location information to the client’s request and forwards to the DHCP server. Therefore, the DHCP server can then assign a specific IP address to the client.





Non-Stop Transmission by RSR (Rapid Super Ring) and RDH (Rapid Dual Homing)
Reliability is mission critical for industrial usages. In addition to robust connection, each switch includes the next generation of redundancy protocol, Rapid Super Ring. This feature allows for the configuration of any two ports for extra protection against link failure and data loss due to constant vibration and heavy shock.
The Rapid Super Ring has failover time faster than 5ms. This restoration time is ZERO without resulting in any looping problem, topology change, or packet loss when recovering a failed ring to its redundancy-proved state.
While RSR protects the ring topology, Rapid Dual Homing enables multiple redundancies to be coupled or interconnected to other network topologies. Its failover time for link failure is less than 5 ms and the restoration time is ZERO. These advanced technologies can eliminate the impact caused by link failure or node failure to minimum.

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