Remote control cable

Remote control cable Nuvo 300x/500x systems

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2.2.5 Remote On/Off Control and Status LED Output (110cm length)
For an application which places Nuvo inside a cabinet, it’s useful to control the on/off
of the system via an external switch, as well as check how the system’s running via some
external LED indicators. Nuvo provides a 2x5, 2.0mm pitch wafer connector on the
front panel for this purpose.
Pin# Definition Description
1 WDT- [Output] Watchdog timer indicator, flashing when
watchdog 2 WDT+ timer is started.
3 Sustand Power- [Output] System power indicator, lighting up when DC
4 Sustand Power+ power is applied
5 HDD- [Output] Hard drive indicator, flashing when SATA
6 HDD+ hard drive is active.
7 Power- [Output] System power indicator, on if system is turned
8 Power+ on, off if system is turned off.
9 Ctrl- [Input] Remote on/off control, connecting to an
external switch to turn on/off the system (polarity is
10 Ctrl+
Please make sure the polarity is correct when you connect the external LED indicator to the Status

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